Symposium Film Education and the Creation of Local Culture

The film education at Tohoku University of Art and Design, which was founded in 1992, has grown and established itself alongside the YIDFF. In recent years, some students participated in the production of commercial films managed by the Japan Film Commission, some worked on theatrical features filmed at the Shonai Movie Village, whereas others used the film set for their graduation film. The local film experiences that these students encounter play a crucial role in their film education. In this symposium, four universities will engage in a broad spectrum of discussions covering their perceptions on a variety of issues and film practices in relation to their backgrounds and local cultures.

Moderator: Feng Yan (Filmmaker)
Liu Zhihai (Filmmaker, Associate Professor at China Academy of Art)
Paolo Inghilleri (Professor at University of Milan)
Gianmarco Torri (Co-Curator, Docucity)
Negishi Kichitaro (Filmmaker, President at Tohoku University of Art and Design)
Ito Takashi (Filmmaker, Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design)

* Simultaneous interpretation

Lecture and Symposium Striving to Become a Creative City of Visual Culture

Yamagata has come to be called the “Movie Capital” for all the passionate cinéastes who visit YIDFF from around the world. But the film festival is not the only reason for this name. Yamagata has embraced various challenges in the realm of cinema since the end of World War II. This symposium will provide a space to discuss and learn about how to link contemporary film production and Yamagata’s history and future. It will be the first lesson for bringing a vibrant visual culture to the future of Yamagata, reflecting on the act of making films in a rural city, on film education, and on the connection between cinema and other industries.

Lecturer and Panelist: Sasaki Masayuki (Director at Osaka City University URP)
Kumagai Shinichi (Founder and Super Advisor, Cybele)
Ujo Masaaki (President and CEO, Shonai Eigamura)
Moderator: Kato Itaru (Professor, Tohoku University of Art and Design)

Workshop Presentation on Home Movies Association—Expanded Archives

This workshop will introduce the work of the Italian National Archive of Family Films, a community-hosted resource center, providing easy-to-understand explanations of how its Home Movies Association collects, digitizes, catalogues, and archives material.

Presentation: Gianmarco Torri (Home Movies Association / Docucity Film Festival Co-Curator)