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2004-02-27 | Cinema Management Workshop

As the disparity in screening conditions and releases between big cities and outlying regions continues to increase, and murmurs of dissatisfaction regarding the lack of diversity come to be heard, a growing need can be observed for the new concept of “community cinemas.” In response, a cinema management workshop (film exhibition specialist training course) will be held to provide the knowledge and know-how necessary for those living outside of the main urban centers to create their own opportunities for viewing films. The YIDFF’s own Miyazawa Hiraku will be taking part as one of the tutors. This is an ideal opportunity for those of you with a strong desire to become involved in the world of film.

March 26 (Friday) –28 (Sunday)
Sendai Mediatheque
20 people
March 16 (Tuesday)
3,000 yen
phone: 022-713-4485 (Sendai Mediatheque)

For more information Sendai Mediatheque website (Japanese)