Other Screenings

2014-07-18 | Bing’ai Special Screening

YIDFF 2007 Ogawa Shinsuke Prize winner Bing’ai will be shown at the second round of a consecutive documentary film screening session organized by Center for Asian and Pacific Studies in Seikei University, Tokyo, in attendance with director Feng Yan.

July 19 (Sat) 15:00
Dir: Feng Yan / CHINA / 2007 / Chinese / Color / Video / 117 min / YIDFF 2007 Ogawa Shinsuke Prize, Community Cinema Award

* Talk session with director Feng Yan will be held after the screening.

Classroom 101, No.3 Build., Seikei University (Sagara-gun, Kyoto)
[Presented by]
Center for Asian and Pacific Studies (CAPS), Seikei University

For more information CAPS website: Event Information (in Japanese)


2014-07-18 | The People Living in Hadenya Screening Tour in coastal regions in Miyagi

The People Living in Hadenya, screened at the YIDFF 2013 Cinema with Us program, is touring around coastal areas affected by 3.11 earthquake and tsunami in Miyagi prefecture.

The People Living in Hadenya
Dir: Agatsuma Kazuki / JAPAN / 2013 / Video / 134 min (revised ver.) / YIDFF 2013 Cinema with Us

July 21 (Mon) 13:30  
[Venue] Shiroishi City Central Public Hall (Large hall)
* Kick-off special screening

July 27 (Sun) 13:30 
[Venue] Yamamoto Town Central Public Hall (Large hall)
August 2 (Sat) 14:00  
[Venue] Watari Town Library Audiovisual Hall
August 3 (Sun) 14:30  
[Venue] Natori City Cultural Hall (Small hall)
August 9 (Sat) 17:00  
[Venue] Nanago Citizen’s Center (Meeting room) (Sendai)
August 10 (Sun) 13:30  
[Venue] Shiogama City Public Hall (Large meeting room)
August 16 (Sat) 15:30  
[Venue] Higashimatsushima City Community Center (Meeting room)
August 17 (Sun) 13:30  
[Venue] Miyagi Aitopia Hall (Ishinomaki)
August 30 (Sat) 18:00  
[Venue] Onagawa Sogo Undojo Athletic Hall (Judo hall)
August 31 (Sun) 13:30  
[Venue] Sako Public Hall (Large meeting room) (Tome)
September 5 (Fri) 18:00  
[Venue] Minamisanriku Portal Center Koryu-kan
September 6 (Sun) 10:30, 14:00 (screens twice)  
[Venue] Rias Ark Museum of Art, HV Gallery (Kesennuma)

September 20 (Sat) 13:00–18:00  
[Venue] Oshikawa Kinen Hall, No.8 Build, Tsuchitoi Campus, Tohoku Gakuin University
* Screenings and a lecture
Organized by Folklore Studies in Tohoku Gakuin University
[Presented by]
The People Living in Hadenya Screening Committee

For more information The People Living in Hadenya website (in Japanese)


2014-07-18 | Gina Kim’s Video Diary Screening at New CINEMA Juku

Gina Kim’s Video Diary, screened at the YIDFF 2003 New Asian Currents, will be featured at the fourth session of the New CINEMA Juku held at Athenee Francais Cultural Center in attendance with director Kim Gina.

July 26 (Sat) 12:00–18:00
Gina Kim’s Video Diary
Dir: Gina Kim / KOREA, USA / 2002 / 152 min / YIDFF 2003 New Asian Currents

4th floor, Athenee Francais Cultural Center (Tokyo)
Year-round tuition fee: 30,000 yen / Day ticket: 3,000 yen

For more information New CINEMA Juku website (in Japanese)