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2016-10-20 | YAMA-Docu in Osaka Vol. 10

The first “YAMA-Docu in Osaka” screening event was held on July 2, 2006. Over the following ten years, the event has taken place twelve times, introducing 21 films to local audiences. Commemorating the tenth anniversary this year will be a screening of the 310-minute heavyweight documentary Raging Land 3: Three Valleys, which tells the story of Hong Kong villagers forced to leave the land they cultivated over decades, due to the construction of a high-speed railway.

October 22 (Sat)
Raging Land 3: Three Valleys
Dir: Chan Yin Kai, Choi Yuen Villagers / HONG KONG / 2011 / 310 min / YIDFF 2013 New Asian Currents Award of Excellence

Visual Arts Collage Osaka 6F Preview Room (Osaka City)
* 30 seats: advance reservation is required. Please contact at <yamadokyuinosaka-1022@yahoo.co.jp>
[Presented by]
“YAMA-Docu in Osaka” Screening Committee
[Supported by]
Visual Arts Osaka, Osaka Film Center, YIDFF

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