High School Student Workshop Film Screenings

The films of the 21st century are in your hands. Hoping to let the young generation experience the variety of the world’s documentary films, YIDFF offers free admission for students of highschool age and younger. This year, students are participating in our film festival not only by watching but also by learning how to make films. During seven days between July 14 and September 16, a YIDFF-sponsored video production course for high school students, Dokidoki Workshop, was held in conjunction with Tohoku University of Art & Design. 25 high school students gave up their summer vacation to form five film-making groups through which they found their themes, struggled with the editing process and finished their works. Watch out and see if the five works, some dramas and others documentaries, breathe with the life of contemporary high school students of Japan.

  • The Four Emotions
    Aoki Chika, Izawa Masashi, Inoue Ayako, Kishi Sayaka, Oe Yuta
  • Water Sprite
    Abe Soichiro, Matsuda Toru, Sugisawa Rie, Uematsu Kentaro, Wasada Yuko
  • Festival
    Kikuta Yoko, Nakamura Yuta, Otaki Hidetoshi, Saito Masaki, Takazawa Noriko
  • Gas Stalker
    Kato Azumi, Otomo Shintaro, Ogasawara Yoshie, Takeda Shoko, Yuki Go
  • Inorganic Maze
    Kodama Hironobu, Niizeki Shuntaro, Oto Aya, Tada Mamiko, Takano Koji

(Video / about 15 minutes each)