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Lines from the Heart

i rollerna tre

Director, Script: Christina Olofson
Photography: Lisa Hagstrand
Editing: Christina Olofson, Stefan Sundlöf
Music: Johan Zachrisson
Sound: Wille Peterson-Berger
Producer: Christina Olofson
Production Company, Source: CO. Film AB
Tobaksspinnargatan. 7, S-117 36 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Phone: 46-8-658-44-46 / Fax: 46-8-84-43-49
SWEDEN / 1996 / Swedish / Color /
35mm (1:1.66) / 75 min

Christina Olofson

Born in the small central Swedish town of Kristinehamn in 1948. In 1977-78 directed the documentary film The Tent Who Owns the World. Co-directed the fiction film Long Live the General Strike the following year with Goran du Rees. Has worked independently since 1985, directing the documentary A Woman is a Risky Bet--Six Orchestra Conductors (1985-87), and the fiction film Honey Wolves (1989-90). As a member of the Federation of European Film Directors (FERA) and the Swedish Association of Directors, Olofson is actively involved in formulating cultural and film policy and in organizing many symposiums. For the past 2 years she has been president of the Society of Nordic Film Directors.


At the home of Mai Zetterling, in the south of France. Christina Olofson brings together three of Sweden's most acclaimed actresses: Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson, and Gunnel Lindblom. Zetterling, who passed away in 1994, began her acting career on the Swedish stage moving into cinema with Hets (1944), scripted by Ingmar Bergman. She was a successful actress not only in Sweden, but also in England and America, as well as a pioneering spirit in the Swedish film world, directing her first feature Loving Couples in 1964. These three actresses who became well known as Ingmar Bergman's heroines haven't starred together in a film since Zetterling's 1968 The Girls. At this new meeting they recount their lives and their work experiences, shining with the versatility, wisdom and humor only gained with the passing of years. It was ten years ago that Christina Olofson and Mai Zetterling conceived of a film to be based around these three actresses, and today Christina Olofson has rendered Zetterling's idea into a moving celluloid tribute.
--Inada Takaki

Director's Statement

A director is always looking for a good story to tell. With Bibi, Harriet and Gunnel I got three--and a pleasurable journey full of wisdom, generosity and humour. A human being is so much more than just a good story!

Ten years ago Mai Zetterling contacted me about a plan for a film together--a film about a meeting between Mai and actresses who had worked with Ingmar Bergman in film and theatre. This film never got made.

When Mai Zetterling died in early spring 1994, I found there had been too little written about her and her life as a visionary filmmaker and actress. Her idea for a film came back to me. The only film combining the talents of Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson and Gunnel Lindblom was Mai's The Girls ("Flickorna") (1968) and it seemed a good idea to let these three meet again and talk about their work and lives. It was obvious to me that this film should be made in Mai's house in the south of France, even if I at the time had no real reason for this.

Thanks to positive and good forces for the financing; thanks to Gunnel, Bibi and Harriet; thanks to Lisa, Wille, Marianne and Bengt, there is now the film Lines from the Heart. A film inspired by Mai, and hopefully a film filled with confidence and hope for the future. I now leave it to you, the audience . . .


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee