2001-10-24 | The Number of Films Shown & Figures

The Number of Films Shown & Figures

The Number of Films Shown: 173

International Competition:15
Special Invitation Films:14
New Asian Currents: 34
New Asian Currents Invitation: 8
New Asian Currents Special: 10
Jurors’ Films: 6
Robert Kramer Retrospective: 23
Kamei Fumio Retrospective: 42
Japanese Panorama: 9
YIDFF Network Screenings: 4
High School Student Workshop Film Screenings: 5
Classic Japanese Film Screenings: 3

Guest: 88 (including 57 from overseas)

**There were some guests who listed in the guest list could not attend.

NETPAC Juror: Gotot Prakosa (Indonesia)

International Competition: Forgacs Peter (Hungary), director of Angelos’ Film, Jean-Louis Comolli (France), director of Buenaventura Durruti, Anarchist, Rithy Panh (Cambodia, resident of France), director of The Land of the Wandering Souls

Special Invitation Films: Nelson Pereira dos Santos (Brazil), director of The Masters and the Slaves

New Asian Currents: Azza El-Hassan (Palestine), director of News
, Paolo Villaluna (Philippines), director of Margin

Press: 335 (including 49 from overseas)

Volunteers: 208

Attendance: 18,490


Additions & Changes to the Program

Additions: City Empires (Robert Kramer Retrospective)

Changes: From Guns to FALN and In the Country, from Doc’s Kingdom to Against Forgetting, from Fear to Plans Lumiere (Robert Kramer Retrospective)