2003-06-23 | 26th Shonai Documentary Film Tomo no Kai Screenings

The Shonai Documentary Film Tomo no Kai holds bimonthly screenings of films including works featured in the YIDFF in Sakata City, Tsuruoka City and Hirata Town in Yamagata, in order to bring high quality documentaries to a wider audience.

26th Shonai Documentary Film Tomo no Kai Screenings

July 12 (Saturday)
14:00, 19:00 (program screened twice)
Gaea Girls
Dir: Kim Longinotto, Jano Williams
UK / 2000 / Japanese / Color / 35mm / 106 min

Irresistibly drawn by the charisma of female pro-wrestler Nagayo Chigusa, Takeuchi Saika knocks on the door of wrestling organization GAEA JAPAN. Marked by a spartan daily routine, harsh training and strict senior/junior relations, the lives of these women are far removed from those of other teenage girls. Some don’t make it, but others with dreams of glory in the square ring endure the strenuous regimen. This film swirls with the anxiety and excitement of newcomer Takeuchi Saika as she battles desperately to progress from pro-test to professional debut.

Hirata Town Center Hall, Theatre OZ
General 1,000 yen, Students 500 yen
* Free admission for members (same-day membership possible)
Yearly membership: General 3,000 yen, Students 1,500 yen
[In cooperation with]
YIDFF Organizing Committee
[Presented by]
Shonai Documentary Tomo no Kai
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