2003-12-08 | YIDFF 2003 Interviews/Q&A

Published daily during YIDFF 2003, festival newspaper “The Daily Bulletin” carried several interview articles with festival guests, but unfortunately some were unable to be included. However, these will be made available in the coming months on the YIDFF homepage and will also feature in the Festival Report coming out next year. Please peruse them at your leisure.

YIDFF 2003 Interviews/Q&A


2003-12-08 | New Films Available for Rental! (Japan only)

As part of an effort to create more opportunities within Japan to view documentary films outside of the Yamagata film festival, around 100 works screened at the YIDFF to date (mainly from the International Competition) have been made available for loan. Six works screened at this year’s festival have already been added to the list. For details, call the Yamagata office on 023-666-4480.

List of films available for rental (Japanese)