2013-01-10 | Yamagata University Library Screenings (January–February)

For the eighth round of Screenings at Yamagata University Kojirakawa Library, we invite Assoc. Prof. Sadakane Hideyuki from Institute of Arts and Sciences, Yamagata University this time. As an expert on Historical Sociology and Studies on Contemporary Society, he has selected two YIDFF Competition films related to how to see the “society” we live in.

Yamagata University Library Screenings

January 31 (Thu) 17:00 (single screening)
Over the Threshold
Dir: Christine Lloyd-Fitt, Tezuka Yoshi / JAPAN, UK / 1989 / 60 min / YIDFF ’89 International Competition Prize for Encouragement

February 14 (Thu) 17:00 (single screening)
Imagining Indians
Dir: Victor Masayesva, Jr. / USA / 1992 / 79 min / YIDFF ’93 Special Invitation Film

* Assoc. Prof. Sadakane’s talk session is scheduled after the screening.

[Venue] Yamagata University Kojirakawa Library 1F, Theater Room
[Admission] Free
[Presented by] Yamagata University, YIDFF (NPO)
[Contact] phone: 023-666-4480 (YIDFF Yamagata office)