2016-02-18 | “Independent Filmmaking in the Age of Digital Cinema”—Discussion and Screenings in Yamagata

The advance of technology has always opened up new liberties and possibilities for individual filmmakers, and that is still true in this day of digital cinema. However, how do waves of global capital, as seen in the spread of the Digital Cinema Package format, effect upon independent filmmaking? Instead of just discussing the pros and cons, independent filmmakers can conceive and conduct ways of utilizing the new digital environment to the advantage of the independent cinema. Through discussion and screenings, this event will attempt to provide an observation point for the future of cinematic expression.

“Independent Filmmaking in the Age of Digital Cinema”
—Discussion and Screenings in Yamagata

Period: March 5 (Sat) –6 (Sun)

Day 1
March 5 (Sat)  
Taking the example of a Korean community media center in Seoul which is active in utilizing digital technology and embracing citizen participation, this session will discuss the production and presentation of independent films in our age of digitalization.

13:30 (–15:30)
Kim Myoung-joon (President of MediACT)
Tsuchiya Yutaka (Filmmaker, Producer and Co-representative of Independent Cinema Guild)
* Facilitator: Ogawa Naoto (Sendai Mediatheque)
Dir: Mun Jeong-hyun / KOREA / 2010 / Korean / 73 min / YIDFF 2011 New Asian Currents Award of Excellence
* Q&A session will be scheduled after screening.

Day 2
March 6 (Sun)  
The advance of digital technology is pushing the potential of not only filmmaking, but also how to view and show films. We are today allowed a variety of equal choices instead of being forced to chase after a singular mode of progress. In this session, we will discuss the possibilities of the moving image in an environment unrestricted by conventional frameworks.

13:30 (–15:30)
Mun Jeong-hyun (Filmmaker, P.U.R.N Production)
Makino Takashi (Filmmaker)
Tasaka Hiroko (Curator of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography)
* Facilitator: Ogawa Naoto (Sendai Mediatheque)
Selected Makino Takashi works (about 70 min in total)
EVE  2002 / .mov DV-NTSC / 3 min
Generator  2011 / Apple ProRes 422 / 19 min
Emaki/Light  2011 / Apple ProRes 422 / 16 min
Ghost of OT301  2014 / Apple ProRes 422 / 9 min
cinéma concret  2015 / Apple ProRes 422 / 23 min
* Q&A session will be scheduled after screening.

* Japanese and Korean translation will be given to all discussion sessions.
* Discussion sessions will be broadcasted online.

Tongari Building (Nanoka-machi, Yamagata City)
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Tohoku University of Art and Design
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e-mail: hosoya.shuhei@aga.tuad.ac.jp

* JSPS-Granted Project “Research on the Screening Format of Independent Small-budget Films in the Age of Digital Cinema” Discussion and Screening