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2016-03-24 | DVD release of the complete works of Ogawa Productions

The long-awaited project to release all Ogawa Productions films on DVD is finally off to a start! The work of Ogawa Productions, the film collective headed by the late Ogawa Shinsuke is often considered a pinnacle in documentary film history, hosting a unique world of its own. The group made striking films that spoke of people, struggle, resolution, passion, farming, landscape, and many other themes, documentaries that were recognized internationally. However, none of the legendary masterpieces that provided stimulation and inspiration to renowned filmmakers like Oshima Nagisa, Hara Kazuo, Kore-eda Hirokazu, and Soda Kazuhiro were ever released on video, save one. June 2016 will see the launch of the project to eventually release all 20 Ogawa Productions titles on DVD. (* translated from the DIG label press release)

Release Date
June 2016
Sea of Youth  (1966): 2,800 JPY
The Oppressed Students  (1967): 3,800 JPY
A Report from Haneda  (1967): 2,800 JPY

July 2016
The Sanrizuka Series / DVD Box set “From Strikes To Villages”
* Price: TBD / 8 films included
Summer in Narita  (1968)
Winter in Narita  (1970)
Three Day War in Narita  (1970)
Narita: Peasants of the Second Fortress  (1971)
Narita: The Building of Iwayama Tower  (1972)
Narita: Heta Village  (1973)
Narita: The Sky of May  (1975)
Fimmaking and the Way to the Village  (1973, Dir: Fukuda Katsuhiko) ** Included in the Box set only

August 2016  * Price: TBD
Pre-Partisan  (1969, Dir: Tsuchimoto Noriaki)
A Song of the Bottom  (1975)

September 2016  * Price: TBD
Interview at Clean Center  (1975)
Magino Story—Raising Silkworms  (1977)
Magino Story—Pass  (1977)

October 2016  * Price: TBD
A Japanese Village—Furuyashikimura  (1982)

November 2016  * Price: TBD
Magino Village—A Tale  (1986)
Sennen Theater  (1987)
A Movie Capital  (1991)

* All DVDs have no English subtitles.

DIG / Dimention Co., Ltd.

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