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2016-09-16 | The Battle of Chile in Cinemas Nationwide!

Patricio Guzmán’s legendary masterpiece The Battle of Chile is now being released theatrically, following last year’s fevered and packed screening at the Latinoamérica program of YIDFF 2015. The film opens in Tokyo and will travel to cinemas across the country, forty years after its making.

The Battle of Chile—The Struggle of an Unarmed People
Dir: Patricio Guzmán / CHILE, CUBA, FRANCE / 1975–78 / Digital / 263 min / YIDFF 2015 Latinoamérica

Release Date: September 10 (Sat) –October 7 (Fri), October 10 (Mon) –13 (Thu)  [Venue] Eurospace (Shibuya, Tokyo)

For more information IVC website: The Battle of Chile (in Japanese)