2019-03-24 | YIDFF 2019 Preliminary Event
Forbidden Games Screening

YIDFF 2019 Preliminary Event
Forbidden Games Special Screening
In cooperation with exhibition “Cinema Graphics by Noguchi Hisamitsu” presented by Yamagata Museum of Art

April 19 (Fri) –25 (Thu) 10:00, 18:30
Forbidden Games (Digital-remastered version)
Dir: Rene Clement / France / 1952 / DCP / 86 min
Forum Yamagata (Yamagata City)
Advanced ticket: 1,100 yen: Ticket price will follow the regular rate offered at Forum Yamagata after opening the event on April 19.
Ticketing: Forum Yamagata, Yamagata Museum of Art, Yamagata Documentary Film Library, Komatsu Shoten, Hachimonjiya Kita Branch, TENDO Hachimonjiya
[Presented by]
YIDFF Yamagata Office
[Co-presented by]
Yamagata Museum of Art, Forum Yamagata
phone: 023-666-4480 (YIDFF Yamagata office)