Associated Program
The 18th National Cultural Festival
“YAMAGATA 2003” Documentary Festival

Japanese “Dai” Panorama

Program 1: Documentaries from Yamagata (Filmmaking Workshop)

Program 2: Four Major Visual Creators Buck Up Yamagata!
Murayama Kyoichiro
Kanai Katsu Kato Itaru
Koguchi Utako Tsuchiya Yutaka

Program 3: Japanese Panorama

About the National Cultural Festival “YAMAGATA 2003”

This program is a cultural version of the National Athletic Meet’s national tour. This year forty-four cities, towns and villages in Yamagata Prefecture will hold cultural events in a variety of fields, including cinema, music, theater, art and traditional performance. The Documentary Festival is one of these activities, and joins forces with this year’s YIDFF to present Japanese works and directors to an international audience.

Dates: October 10 (Fri)–13 (Mon)
Venue: Yugakukan Yamagata Prefectural Library 2F Hall
Admission: Free
Host: The 18th National Cultural Festival “YAMAGATA 2003” Yamagata City Organizing Committee
* English subtitles/translations are not provided for films in this program.