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  • At the End of the Arc: Yaeyama Islands

    (“Ko no hate no shima: Yaeyama gunto”)

    - JAPAN / 1964 / Japanese / B&W / Video / 40 min

    Planning, Research: Toyono Kosuke
    Sound: Maze Hiroshi
    Research: Honda Kazuhiro, Akutagawa Chikao, Inoue Kenji
    Music: Kon Shiro
    Narrator: Shimokawa Tappei
    Production Cooperation: Kyushu University Academic Survey Team
    Production Company, Source: RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation

    A TV film crew accompanies a survey team from Kyushu University to Yaeyama. The film contains rare footage of the Yaeyama Islands prior to their “reversion” to Japan in 1972: a harvest festival, rice planting, tuna fishing, sites of worship, Japanese graves said to be those of fallen Heike soldiers, and Haari boat races. The film narrates a history of hardship in Yaeyama and records lives in the era of the Government of the Ryukyu Islands under US military administration.