Films about Yamagata
  • The Man Who Shot Godzilla: Honda Ishiro Retrospective
  • The Natco Hour
  • Yamagata Household Cinema—A Look at Prewar Yamagata
  • Yamagata Venusography 2: Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • The Future of Yamagata and Film
  • The Future of Yamagata and Film

    The Future-Progressive Tense in Yamagata

    The two films selected this year were both made by directors whose works were shown two years ago in this same program. Every year, many students with a degree in filmmaking go out into the world, but only a small number of them continue to make their own films. It is not hard to imagine how difficult it is to balance life and filmmaking during these challenging times, but as an educator, I believe what is crucial is what one does after graduating. Whether one succeeds in becoming an artist depends, most of all, on whether he or she continues making films. Will the directors whose films will be screened this year be able to overcome hardships and setbacks in the future to survive as professional filmmakers? I hope that the audience at the festival will join me in watching over them with anticipation and extending their warm encouragement.

    (Kato Itaru, Professor, Tohoku University of Art & Design)

    - We Are All Singing Together

    (“Minna de utatteru”)

    2009 / Japanese / Color / Video / 79 min
    Director: Kobayashi Kaori

    After she entered university, the director nostalgically continued to film former members of the chorus club at her all-girl high school. Gradually, she is drawn into a changing reality—the old high school buildings are demolished and male students are accepted into the school. Current students and alumni who support the concept and continued existence of girls’ schools end up “singing together” at a gathering organized to fight the change to a co-educational system.

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    - The Apparition of Adolescence

    (“Shishunki borei”)

    2008 / Japanese / Color / Video / 25 min
    Director: Kagami Keigo

    The director finally has a girlfriend for the first time after a long adolescence in which he had romantic feelings for a childhood friend. As his graduation approaches, he is happily spending time with his girlfriend, but he sometimes also feels a vague anxiety about the future. It is then that the ghost of his adolescence haunts him.

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