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  • Man with No Name

    - CHINA, FRANCE / 2009 / No dialogue / Color / Video / 96 min

    Director: Wang Bing
    Courtesy of: Wang Bing and Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris
    Thanks to: Moviola, Image Forum

    New territory for Wang Bing, twice winner of YIDFF’s grand prize with Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks and Fengming: A Chinese Memoir. Man with No Name is edited from footage of a year in the life of a hermit he came upon during location scouting for his first feature fiction, The Ditch. A nameless man lives alone in a cave in a nameless place. Turning his back on society and civilization, he seems to reject human association and spends his days in solitude, working the soil, gathering rain water and animal waste, and preparing vegetables he cooks and eats. As the seasons change, he silently undertakes the drill of physical survival.

    Wang Bing

    Born in 1967. B.A. in photography from Luxun Arts University. Entered the Beijing Film Academy cinematography department in 1995. His first documentary, Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks (2002), was premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and won grand prizes at YIDFF 2003 and documentary film festivals in Lisbon and Marseille. Fengming: A Chinese Memoir (2007) was premiered at Cannes and awarded the Grand Prix in Yamagata again in 2007 before its wide international acclaim. His first feature fiction film, The Ditch (2010), was acclaimed at its first screening at the Venice International Film Festival. It will be released in Japanese cinemas nationwide in December 2011.