Creating a Space for Film

Filmmaking might be understood as the act of searching for and opening up a “cinematic space,” that encompasses but is not limited to film production. It could be a space where filmmakers collaborate, a film screening space where filmmakers and audience meet, a space of criticism where films in progress or completed works are being discussed, but it is, in its most fundamental sense, a space where one encounters and confronts oneself and the world.

New Asian Currents x Yamagata Rough Cut! x Latinoamérica
Creating a Space for Film—Yogyakarta, Andes, Mindanao, Sendai, Kochie

What can be done when a space to create, screen, and discuss films cannot be found? In considering ways of how to open up new spaces for filmmaking, we discuss the role of “community” from the experiences of pioneers who have resisted big city-based film production, and created their own unique filmmaking spaces.

Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni (Indonesia)
Marta Rodríguez (Colombia)
Teng Mangansakan (The Philippines)
Sakai Ko (Japan)
Oki Hiroyuki (Japan)
Carlos Gómez (Colombia)

New Asian Currents Special Event
Filmmaking in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Philip Cheah, who has long been an advocate for Asian cinema, is our guide in this discussion about contemporary filmmaking in Southeast Asia with YIDFF 2015 “New Asian Currents” directors from Singapore, Myanmar and the Philippines.

Moderator: Philip Cheah (Singapore)
Khin Maung Kyaw (Myanmar)
Gym Lumbera (The Philippines)
Ghazi Alqutcy (Singapore)
Daniel Hui (Singapore)

Yamagata Rough Cut!

link Yamagata Rough Cut!