9. Exile / Home

-Chen Tsai-gen and His Neighbors

TAIWAN / 1996 / Chinese / Color / VHS / 90 min
Director: Wu Yii-feng
* Screened at YIDFF ’97

The old men who had come to Taiwan from mainland China with the Nationalist army were now living in shabby barracks in downtown Taipei. Far from their ancestral homes, isolated from Taiwan society, the aged veterans speak up, of lives swept about by history.

10. Lectures and Discussion

Lee Daw-ming (Taipei National University of the Arts):
Trends and Outlook on Taiwan Documentaries in the 21st Century
Chen Pin-chuan (Chaoyang University of Technology):
The Characteristics of Taiwanese Independent Documentary since the Mid-1990s
Robert Chen (National Chengchi University):
Documentary Imagery and Aboriginal Traditions
Misawa Mamie (Nihon University):
Taiwanese Documentary and Transitional Justice
Round Table Discussion: with guests