Invisible Actors

- KOREA / 2018 / Korean / Color / Digital File / 122 min

Director, Photography, Editing: Chae Hyeong-sik
Cast: Yoo You-lim, Go Ji-hye, Jang Moon-young, Noh Joo-yeon
Source: Chae Hyeong-sik

Four actors rehearse the role of zombies. These women, who have blurred the acts of acting and life, are creating documentary theater on the theme of the “nation and the individual,” peeling away their consciousness. They include in their work the real world in which it is set, their identities as female actors and working people, debates about their labor being exploited, and even them acting out their daily lives—all at the same time that the director is making a film with them. How are the play and the film realized at the end?

[Director’s Statement] To be spectators of ourselves.

I tried to quote each life of four actors. I tried to quote the way of actors’ acting, thinking, and misunderstanding about their lives, and even those times. We tried to lie and also not to lie. Anyway all of these must include some kinds of truths, because the way we did it was Documentary.

Chae Hyeong-sik

Participated in a filmmaking workshop at Mediact in 2008, and since then he has intended to pursue his own method of filmmaking.