Gocha Maze Koze

(Gocha maze koze)

JAPAN / 2019 / Japanese / Color / Blu-ray / 153 min

Director: Mukan no TO
Producer: Yumimin
Producion, Source: “Gocha Maze Koze” Production Committee

A woman says cutting her wrists is her sweets fix. There are all kinds here: a bozu (with a shaved head like a Buddhist priest) stripper, a former porn actress involved in running an STD clinic; LGBT, intersex, and fully tattooed people as well. We should respect each other’s philosophies and ways of life—but is our society really learning to embrace that it is a mish-mash (“gocha maze koze”)?

Post-screening talk:
Sato★Sade (Fetifes Organizer), Kisaki Saki (Transgender Girl), Shimizu Kurumi (Bozu Stripper) and others