Yamagata Rough Cut!

October 11–12   [Venue] Yamagata Museum of Art 2   [Admission] Admission free

This program provides an opportunity for people who have come to the festival from around the world to watch, listen, feel and discuss a range of unfinished films. By watching these little, coarsely carved-out fragments of the world—these “rough cuts”—filmmakers, audiences, critics, researchers and people from every walk of life can go beyond the conventions of genre and come together to explore new relationships between the moving image and society.

Rough Cut Screenings and Discussion

Indelible (tentative)  Dir: Tsunoda Ryuichi (JAPAN)
Never Been Kissed (tentative)  Dir: Trang Dao (VIETNAM)  Oct. 11 14:40

Ambiguous Loss (tentative)  Dir: Yamada Toru (JAPAN)
Planet of Love (tentative)  Dir: Ika Wulandari (INDONESIA)  Oct. 12 14:30