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The Labyrinth



Director, Producer, Script, Music : S. I. Dolon Chowdhury
Photography : Nazmul Alam Tuku
Editing : Masum Ajij
Sound : Tozu
Cast : Sanaullah (Boy), Rawshan Jamil (Grandmother)
Production Company, Source : SHUSHOM COMMUNICATION
21 North Bashaboo, Dhaka-1214,
Phone: 8802-841325 / Fax: 8802-837454, 9340046
e-mail: sidolon@agnionline.com
BANGLADESH / 1996 / Bengali / Color / Video / 30 min

S. I. Dolon Chowdhury


Born in Dhaka in 1972. Graduated from National University. In 1994, entered the realm of music. Music is to him the rhythm of life. Grew interested in photography in 1990. After completing the basic course from Bangladesh Photographic Society, he continued to sketch events of everyday life through photography. Later came to the realization that it was on film, the most sophisticated media of art, that he could vividly capture sorrows and joys, love and hate. The Labyrinth is his first film.


大都会ダッカの路上で暮らす少年の一日を威勢のいい音楽に乗せて再現する。危険や空腹と隣り合わせた厳しい現実のなかで、ユーモラスな挿話や人のぬくもりに遭遇するプラディープの運命に一気一憂させられる。路上の交通事故の現場を捉えた生々しい映像や、明らかに監督の指示によって演技された大規模なデモ発砲のシーンなどの自由な織りまぜ方が伸びやかだ。 This docu-feature follows a dramatic day in the life of Pradeep, a young boy who scrounges out a life on the chaotic streets of Dhaka. A grimy yet somehow uplifting portrayal of survival through hunger, pollution, and dangerous traffic, plus some brief encounters with comfort and generosity, illustrate how difficult it is to withstand such a life.








Director's Statement

Following is a brief description of the reasons for which creating a film like this in a financially weakened country has become imperative.

Bangladesh is the eighth most largely populated country having a population of 120 million in an area of 143,998 sq. km. with 833 people in each square km., rendering it to be the most densely populated country in the world.

Standard of living declines and poverty aggravates as population increase surpasses the level of national production. Nearly 80% of the population live below poverty level with a per capita income of $235. Due to one third of the total labor resource suffering from unemployment, terrorism, robbery, drug addiction, social destruction and political unrest prevail.

Nearly 52% of the population is dependent and unproductive: of them 45.5% constitutes children below 15 years of age and the rest are lost in darkness. The Labyrinth, in the whole of its 30 minutes, centers around the daily life of this large population covering every point mentioned.

So I appeal to the human rights organizations to take care of the suffering humanity in many parts of the world.

Finally I convey a vote of thanks to those assisting me in creating this film.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee