Somewhere It's Spring
1958 / B&W / 16mm / 65 min
Production Company: Shin' eiga Production
Director: Yanagisawa Hisao
Script: Atsugi Taka 
Photography: Segawa Hiroshi
Music: Kusakawa Kei
Cast: Imamura Shoichi, Ichiguchi Toshiko

In this children's fiction film set in an Osaka middle school, Yanagisawa portrays a young hooligan who is reformed. This masterpiece does not so much offer a message about education as convey an image of what such youths carry in their hearts.

A Little Tale about a Little Town

1960 / B&W / 16mm / 39 min
Production Company: Kiroku Eigasha
Director: Yanagisawa Hisao
Script: Furukawa Yoshinori
Photography: Fuji Yozo
Cast: Asagiri Kyoko, Kyo Tomoko, Shimizu Kin'ichi

When the younger sister of a married man is widowed and left all alone to care for her children, the good-natured man and his wife take the bereaved family under their wing, all in addition to their own three children. Yanagisawa captures the situation humorously.


1962 / Color / 16mm / 23 min
Production Company: Nihon Eiga Shinsha
Director: Yanagisawa Hisao
Photography: Fujita Masami
Piano: Takahashi Yuji

In this unabashedly enthusiastic art film, Yanagisawa shoots the many Rodin sculptures on display at the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo's Ueno district. Screened in a new color print.

Toray Pylen

1963 / Color / 16mm / 21 min
Production: Japan Industrial Film Center
Planning: Toyo Rayon
Director, Script: Yanagisawa Hisao

This PR film about the properties of polypropylene, once called the miracle textile, uses drawings and animation for a colorful effect. Screened in a new color print.

Children Before the Dawn

1968 / B&W / 16mm / 120 min
Production: "Children Before the Dawn" Production Committee, International Short Film Company
Planning: Oki Foundation, The Center for the Comprehensive Study of Welfare for the Disabled
Director: Yanagisawa Hisao
Script: Akihama Satoshi 
Photography: Segawa Jun'ichi
Music: Miki Minoru

Children Before the Dawn is the first full-length feature film director Hisao Yanagisawa made about a group home for disabled adults, and its residents. The directness and unpretentiousness with which Yanagisawa approaches the making of the film is shown in his self-reflective question about his own motivation for the work: "how is it best for me to participate in the work of this institution, which aims at the welfare of the disabled, by the means of expression available in film?" Children Before the Dawn served as the bold start for a series of four further films following residents of the group home.
[Shirai Yoshio]

Night and Morning Inside Myself

1971 / Color / 16mm / 100 min
Production: The Nishitaga Group to Provide Education for the Severely Disabled
Producer: Konno Masami, Ukita Yoichi
Director: Yanagisawa Hisao
Script: Onuma Tetsuro
Photography: Ishii Hironari, Akiyama Yo,
Nagata Isamu
Editing: Takahashi Haruko
Music: Matsumura Teizo Sound: Ohashi Tetsuya
Narrator: Ito Soichi Adviser: Kondo Fumio

Following the completion of Night and Morning Inside Myself, some friction developed between director Yanagisawa and the parents of the disabled children who had appeared in his film. These parents were reluctant to let appear in public some words which had been uttered by the children's physician-in-charge at the time of the filming. At that point, the director turned to the children and asked them, "well, you're the actors in the film? What do you want to do?" The children replied, "let it stay as it is. After all, it's true." [Shirai Yoshio]

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