JAPAN / 1999 / No dialogue Color / Video / 22 min

Director, Photography, Sound, Editing:
Maeda Shinjiro
Source: Maeda Shinjiro
2-30-202 Kuzegawa-cho, Ogaki
Gifu 503-0974
Phone / Fax: 81-584-82-0085
E-mail: maeda@iamas.ac.jp

Maeda Shinjiro

Born 1969. Film and video artist. His films, screened in Japan and abroad, interrogate the theme "seeing." Teaches at the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) in Gifu. Before that, worked in film production at the Yello Two Company. Films include L (1995), Braille (1996) and The King's Children (1998).

This is a documentary on a collaborative art project in which sketched cut-out sheep suddenly appear in the middle of cities and fields. The moment the camera captures them, the sheep become three dimensional. The expression of these images carries the energy, bewilderment and the amusement of the people on the scene that goes far beyond the mere collaborative documentation of a spatial art installation. - Masuya Shuichi

Director's Statement
This is a documentary based on active modern artist, Inoue Shinta's "Project of Shepherd." This project which calls attention to "shepherds" who migrate at will without regard for borders, uses guerrilla tactics to erode public space. Inoue's installation is an uncommonly powerful two-dimensional work of art. This collaborative art documentary is made possible because Inoue is conscious of the production process that induces communication between people.
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