New Earth
Nieuwe Gronden

1933 / The Netherlands / B&W / 30 min / 35mm

Director, Script:
Joris Ivens
Camera: Joris Ivens, Joop Huisken, Helen van Dongen, John Fernhout, Eli Lotar
Editors: Joris Ivens, Helen van Dongen
Music: Hanns Eisler; ballad by Julian Arendt and Ernst Busch, sung by Ernst Busch
Commentary: Joris Ivens
Production company: CAPI Amsterdam

In 1930, the Zuiderzee Works episode in We Are Building had been expanded into the much longer film Zuiderzee. In 1934 Ivens used the same material, along with additional footage, to make another version: New Earth. This time, sustained by stirring music composed by Hanns Eisler and stronger, more compact editing, the film included an unmistakable political message. After the segment on land reclamation and the closing of the dyke, the film continues with images of economic crisis and poverty among laborers. Ivens opposes this to market speculation: while grain was dumped into the ocean to keep prices elevated, those workers who had helped reclaim land for agriculture were subsequently shown to be unemployed and starving. The closing of the dyke remains one of the strongest editing sequences in all of Ivens's work.



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