The Duckling

Director: ONO Sayaka

2005 Japanese Subtitled in - Color Video 75 min

Executive producer: HARA Kazuo
Music: MAKINO Keisuke
Producer: OSAWA Kazuo
Subtitles: HAYASHI Junko
Photography: YAMAUCHI Daido
Advisor: KURIBAYASHI Toyohiko, KOBAYASHI Sachiko, HAMAGUCHI Fumiyuki
Sound: ITO Kozue
Editing: OSAWA Kazuo
  Contact Name: Japan Academy of Moving Images
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Phone: 81-44-951-2511
Fax: 81-44-951-2681
E-mail: info@eiga.ac.jp, kazuoski@r8.dion.ne.jp

[Synopsis] Ono Sayaka left her family, and began living alone in Tokyo while going to a vocational school.
She suffers in agony within, thinking, “I am dirty, smelly, and ugly,” “Nobody loves me,” “Nobody needs me,” “There’s no meaning for me to live.”
The cause was her separation from her family at the age of 5, when she was sent to stay at a kindergarten in a Yamagishi commune for one year. The trauma and fear that her parents had abandoned her made her play the role of a “good girl” when she returned home, “So that they won’t abandon me again.”
But she later discovers that having to continue being “the good girl” is tormenting. She makes up her mind to ruin “the family” that had tied her down within, in order to liberate herself , at last, from being a slave to the family.

ONO Sayaka

Born 1984 in Ehime. Entered the Japan Academy of Moving Images after graduation from high school in 2002. Attended the Image Journal Seminar from her second year on and studied documentary production. “The Duckling” was produced as a graduation work. She is now producing her next film while working at a children’s nursing home.