2004-08-04 | “Fun with Film!” Workshop

Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival’s new workshop for raising the next generation of cinemaphiles:
“Fun with Film!”

Now seeking participants! (entry open to elementary, junior high and high school students)

This brand new workshop, to be held in September for the first time ever, aims to encourage the next generation of young cinemaphiles and give them a chance to experience the enjoyment of not only watching, but also making films. Animator Aihara Nobuhiro will be leading the workshops, and silent film narrator Asakura Kaori will give a special performance at the screenings of finished works on September 12.

September 4 (Sat) –5 (Sun): “Let’s Make a Movie!”
Through the magic of animation, we’ll make our illustrations and clay creations come to life on film, and maybe even gain an insight into the mysteries of the moving image. . .

September 4 (Sat) 9:30–17:00 Yamagata Budokan (Kajo Park, yamagata city)
September 5 (Sun) 9:00–17:00 Kajo Central, 23F (Machizukuri Joho Center, Kodo Joho Conference Room, yamagata city)
Aihara Nobuhiro (animator, Kyoto University of Art and Design professor)

September 12 (Sun): “Let’s Watch Some Movies!”
A screening of the animated works produced during the workshops, as well as a selection of old Japanese films complete with authentic live “katsuben” narration. Who knows what will emerge from the silver screen. . .

September 12 (Sun) 13:00–15:00 Kajo Park Higashi Otemon (Tower Gate), Yamagata city
[Screened works]
Pieces completed in the workshop,
and making-of scenes from the workshop
Screenings of pre-war Japanese animation
Nonki na tosan, Ahiru no ko, Chagama ondo, and others.
[Live film narration]
Asakura Kaori (theater group Gekidan Rakutenyumeza member, and featured on TUY Television’s “Doyoman”)

Please note that “Let’s Watch Some Movies!” on September 12th is open to the general public.

Open to elementary, junior high and high school students who are able to participate in the entire program (September 4, 5 and 12). If you wish to participate but cannot attend on all three days, please contact the YIDFF office.

[Entry limit]
50 applicants (40 elementary and junior high school students, 10 high school students)
The application period will close when the entry limit is reached.
[Entry fee]
1,000 yen (prizes for participation will be awarded on the final day, September 12)
[What to bring]
lunch, art supplies (either paints, crayons, markers or colored pencils)
[Application deadline]
August 27 (Fri)
[Applications and enquiries]
phone: 023-666-4480 (YIDFF Yamagata Office)
To apply by phone, please call the above number and give us your name, address and phone number.