2004-08-04 | Documentary Dream Show: Yamagata in Tokyo 2004
Program and Schedule Finalized!

Without further ado, we bring you program details and a screening schedule for Documentary Dream Show: Yamagata in Tokyo 2004, a selection of around 100 works which includes several featured at last year’s YIDFF 2003, as well as special programs devised exclusively for Tokyo.

Documentary Dream Show: Yamagata in Tokyo 2004

[Schedule & Venues]
Venue 1: The Japan Foundation Forum
September 8 (Wed) –15 (Wed)
Venue 2: Athenee Francais Cultural Center
September 18 (Sat) –October 11 (Mon—public holiday)
Venue 3: The Film School of Tokyo
September 19 (Sun), 23 (Thu—public holiday), 26 (Sun)

[Screening Program]
International Competition and New Asian Currents
International Competition
The quality of the works chosen for the International Competition program is second to none! These gems were painstakingly selected from amongst the 902 submissions received from all around the world for the 2003 festival. Together they provide a kaleidoscopic view of what is really going on around the world in our era.
New Asian Currents
Since its inception in 1993 as a means of showcasing up and coming filmmakers from across Asia, New Asian Currents has continued to delight and stimulate audiences with the discoveries and dedication of raw new talents who bring the realities of today's Asia directly to the screen. This is where the future vanguard of filmmaking and the truths of our time are found.

American Dream or American Nightmare?
September 11 is almost upon us once again, and the influence of “America” can be felt in many occurrences around the globe. What meaning does the “American dream” have for those who live outside the United States? This collection of works examines exactly what is necessary to ensure that this dream does not become a nightmare for the rest of the world. American documentary doesn't begin and end with Michael Moore . . .

Newsreel—1968: They Called Them “Bullet Films”
Brought together by Jonas Mekas, radical filmmaking collective “Newsreel” burst on to the scene in the United States in 1968 as a force in the movement against the war in Vietnam. Its founding members included Robert Kramer and Jon Jost, and the influence of its activities spread across the globe, even leading to a partnership with Ogawa Productions in Japan. Experience the avant-garde activism of Newsreel in this current era of confusion, and journey back in time to 1968.

Okinawa—Nexus of Borders: Ryukyu Reflections
This collection of works, evoking the future of documentary through their sojourns amidst the nexus of borders, includes several films from YIDFF 2003’s voluminous and substantial Okinawa retrospective as well as new additions. An examination of and by Okinawa; an archipelago of moving images devoted to these islands. The world that unfolds within the screen belongs to all of us.

The Stars of China’s Era of the Auteur
In June of 2004, Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks was released in French cinemas. The Le Monde newspaper lauded its achievements, and despite its gargantuan length it is making a significant impact on the box office. Consequently, its director Wang Bing will be producing his next feature film with French funding. In recent years, many exceptional filmmakers have emerged from China with works that transcend the boundaries of fictional and documentary cinema, freely traversing genres with an emphasis on auteurship. Jia Zhangke, Yu Lik Wai, Zhang Yuan . . . Don’t miss this opportunity to view the extraordinary masterpieces of these master filmmakers with strong ties to Yamagata.

On the World Stage! More Conscientious, More Dynamic: Asia Press International
Independent journalists and documentarians unaffiliated with major media organizations are travelling to the far corners of the globe and recording their diverse realities from the closest viewpoint possible. This program introduces the latest works from members of Asia Press International, a network of journalists which has remained active since 1987, and explores the possibilities provided by television broadcasting and internet media.

Asia: Artistic and Experimental
The act of training a camera on a subject marks the beginning of a struggle, as well as an experiment. Works made with ambitious designs such as these are emerging in abundance on the Asian continent.

New Docs Japan
The appeal of documentary is multi-faceted. There are numerous works being produced which are full of new approaches and fresh appeal, including many that don’t make it to Yamagata. This section brings together works that have received widespread praise, but are rarely given the chance to be seen by the public at large.

**Mini programs

  • Asia as Seen from Earthquakes—9.21
  • The Phenomenon Known as Jean Eustache
  • Pasolini’s Secrets
  • 10-minute Films Inspired by Herz Frank
  • A Cinematic Tribute to Maeda Katsuhiro
  • The Journeys of Rithy Panh: From Cambodia
  • Thai Wonders Take Flight

[Time Schedule]

Venue 1: The Japan Foundation Forum (phone: 03-5562-4096)

September 8 (Wed)
11:30 Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks Part 1: Rust (Wang Bing / China)
16:00 Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks Part 2: Remnants
19:30 Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks Part 3: Rails

September 9 (Thu)
12:00 Wellspring (Sha Qing / China) Hard Good Life (Hsu Hui-ju / Taiwan)
14:30 A Short Journey (Tanon Sattarujawong / Thailand) Three-Five People (Li Lin / China, USA)
16:30 Nee Engey—Where are You (R. V. Ramani / India)
19:30 Basal Banar—Sacred Ritual of Truth (Auraeus Solito / Palawan-The Philippines)

September 10 (Fri)
12:00 Family Project: House of a Father (Jo Yun-Kyung / Korea), Purity (Anat Zuria / Israel)
14:30 The Ballad of Life (Panah Barkhouda Rezaei / Iran), The Old Man of Hara (Mahvash Sheikholeslami / Iran), Her and Him Van Leo (Akram Zaatari / Lebanon)
17:00 Hibakusha—At the End of the World (Kamanaka Hitomi / Japan)
19:30 Crumb (Terry Zwigoff / USA)

September 11
11:00 And Thereafter (Lee Hosup / Korea), The Shot Heard around the World (Christen Choy / USA)
13:30 The War Room (Chris Hegedus, D.A. Pennebaker /USA)
15:30 Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. (Errol Morris / USA)
17:15 Special Talk Live
19:00 Stevie (Steve James / USA)

September 12 (Sun)
11:00 Gift of Life (Wu Yii- feng / Taiwan)
14:00 Family Project: House of a Father, Purity
16:30 Wellspring, Hard Good Life
18:30 Homesick (Lam Chi-hang / Hong Kong), The Big Durian (Amir Muhammad / Malaysia)

September 13 (Mon)
12:00 Sand and Water (Shaheen Dill-Riaz / Bangladesh)
14:30 The Maze of Lanes (Kalpana Subramanian / India), NEW (IMPROVED) DELHI—Director’s Cut (Vani Subramanian / India), Night of Prophecy (Amar Kanwar / India)
17:00 S21, the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine (Rithy Panh / France)
19:30 Shepherds’ Journey into the Third Millennium (Erich Langjahr / Switzerland)

September 14 (Tue)
11:00 Ordo (Temirbek Birnazarov / Kyrgystan), Fuente Álamo—The Caress of Time (Pablo García / Spain)
13:00 Stevie
16:00 Hoop Dreams (Steve James / USA)
19:30 American Dream (Barbara Kopple / USA)

September 15 (Wed)
10:45 Domestic Violence (Fredric Wiseman / USA)
14:20 DV2 (Fredric Wiseman / USA)
17:30 The Atomic Cafe (Jayne Loader, Kevin Rafferty, Pierce Rafferty / USA)
19:30 Song of Ajima (Aoyama Shinji / Japan)

Venue 2: Athenee Francais Cultural Center (phone: 03-3291-4339)

September 18 (Sat)
10:30 Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks Part 1: Rust
15:10 Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks Part 2: Remnants
18:40 Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks Part 3: Rails

September 21 (Tue)
14:20 Chichi, the Monster (Lin Tay-jou / Taiwan), Aftershocks: The Rough Guide to Democracy (Rakesh Sharma / India)
16:10 150 Seconds Ago (Batul Mukhtiar / India)
18:30 Gift of Life

September 22 (Wed)
14:30 Oui Non (Jon Jost / USA, France, Itary)
16:50 Number Zero (Jean Eustache / France)
19:00 Little Folowers of Pier Paolo Pasolini (Alain Bergala / France) (scheduled), RoGoPaG (Pier Paolo Pasolini / France)

September 24 (Fri)
14:30 10 Minutes Older: The Trumpet (Chen Kaige, Victor Erice, Werner Herzog, Jim Jarmusch, Aki Kaurismaki, Spike Lee, Wim Wenders / Germany, UK)
16:40 10 Minutes Older: The Cello (Bernardo Bertolucci, Claire Denis, Mike Figgis, Jean-Luc Godard, Jiri Menzel, Michael Radford,Volker Schlondorff, Istvan Szabo / Germany, UK)
19:00 10 Minutes Older (Herz Frank / USSR), Flashback (Herz Frank / Latvia)

September 25 (Sat)
14:00 Bad Company, Santa Claus Has Blue Eyes (Jean Eustache / France)
16:00 Les Photos d’Alix, A Dirty Story (Jean Eustache / France)
17:40 Number Zero (scheduled)

September 27 (Mon)
13:50 Hunting Down an Angel or Four Passions of the Soothsayer Poet (Andrey Osipov / Rossia), Angelos’ Film (Forgács Péter / The Netherland)
16:20 Raymundo (Ernesto Ardito, Virna Molina / Argentina)
19:00 Haight-Ashbury, Columbia Revolt, Black Panther—Off the Pig (USA), No Game (Oe Masanori, Marvin Fishman / USA)

September 28 (Tue)
15:00 What Am I, a Robot?, Paris in the Month of May (France), Le soulevement dela jeunesse, Mai 68 (Maurice Lemaitre / France)
17:00 Haight-Ashbury, Columbia Revolt, Black Panther—Off the Pig, No Game
19:00 Hanoi, Tuesday the 13th (Santiago Alvarez / Cuba), Accelerated Development—In the Idiom of Santiago Alvarez (Travis Wilkerson / USA)

September 29 (Wed)
14:30 Hanoi, Tuesday the 13th, Accelerated Development—In the Idiom of Santiago Alvarez
16:30 What Am I, a Robot?, Paris in the Month of May, Le soulevement de la jeunesse, Mai 68
18:30 Raymundo

September 30 (Thu)
14:00 A Report from Haneda, Three Day War in Narita (Ogawa Shinsuke / Japan)
16:20 ’68 Okinawa—Japan (Isaka Yoshiyuki / Japan), Underground Square (Ouchida Keiya / Japan)
18:30 Polluted Japan, Free Kwangju (Maeda Katsuhiro / Japan) + Talk (Takagi Ryutaro)

October 1 (Fri)
14:00 Moriguchi Katsu’s Works + Talk
16:30 Nanamui Part 1 Ceremonial Songs (Higa Toyomitsu) + Talk
18:30 Nanamui Part 4 Ceremonies (Higa Toyomitsu) + Talk

October 2 (Sat)
13:00 Records of the Battle of Okinawa—from the Collection of the One-foot Film Movement (unedited version) (USA)
15:00 War Stories Told in Shima Kutuba + Talk (Higa Toyomitsu)
18:00 Chamberlain’s Zushigame (Minato Chihiro / Japan) + Talk

October 4 (Mon)
14:20 Dust Buries Sabuk (Lee Mi-young / Korea)
16:20 Edit (Lee Chang-jae / Korea, USA)
18:30 Gongbo’s Happy Life (Ji Dan / China (Asia Press)) + Talk

October 5 (Tue)
14:10 A Short Journey, Three-Five People
16:10 Jakarta Stock Shot: NO.7 (TRK-Jakarta Volunteers Team on Humanity) (Ron Puyundatu / Indonesia), Dream Land (Tonny Trimarsanto / Indonesia), Dandelion (Ren Shujian / Japan)
18:30 Zarmina’s Story / The Executed Afghan Woman (Tamamoto Eiko / Japan (Asia Press)), Divorce Iranian Style (Kim Longinotto, Ziba Mir-Hosseini /UK, Iran) + Talk

October 6 (Wed)
13:40 A2 (Mori Tatsuya / Japan)
16:20 Debris (Abdel Salam Shehadeh / Palestine), Title Deed from Moses, News Time (Azza El-Hassan / Palestine)
18:30 Documentarist Watai Takeharu (Watai Takeharu / Japan (Asia Press)) + Talk

October 7 (Thu)
14:20 Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks Part 1: Rust
19:00 Neon Goddesses (Yu Lik-wai / Belgium-Hong Kong), Tokyo: In Public (Jia Zhangke / Japan)

October 8 (Fri)
13:10 Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks Part 2: Remnants
16:50 Old Men (Lina Yang Tian-yi / China)
19:00 In Public, Xiao Shen Going Home (Jia Zhangke / China)

October 9
12:00 Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks Part 3: Rails
14:40 The Square (Zhang Yuan, Duan Jinchuan / China)
17:30 Okinawan Dream Show (Takamine Go) + Talk

October 11 (Mon)
14:40 The Land of the Wandering Souls (Rithy Panh / France)
16:50 S21, the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine
19:00 thirdworld, Mysterious Object at Noon (Apichatpong Weerasethakul / Thailand)

Venue 3: The Film School of Tokyo (phone: 03-5205-3565)

September 19 (Sun)
13:00 1975 Okinawa Summer (Tomimoto Minoru), The Life of Okinawa Part 1: Indigenous Island Fauna (Yoshida Yutaka)
15:00 Yamangunutida (Jahana Yuzuru), Motoshinkakarannu (Nunokawa Tetsuro)
17:30 The Voice of Okinawa (Mainichi Eiga), Dokuritsu shojo gurentai (Asato Mari / Japan) + Talk

September 23 (Thu—public holiday)
12:00 Gobono no kanokabu—Yamagata-ken Obanazawa-shi Gobono no yakihata (Abe Yoko, Izutsu Momoko, Watanabe Tomofumi, Muguruma Yumi / Japan), Sekigawa no shinaori—Yamagata-ken Atsumimachi Sekigawa no juhifu (Imaishi Migiwa, Izutsu Momoko, Abe Yoko, Muguruma Yumi / Japan)
14:20 Horumaika (Hashimoto Shinichi / Japan)
16:20 Picture Letter (Uchida Nobuteru / Japan)
18:20 Momo Chenga (Iwasa Hisaya / Japan)

September 26 (Sun)
11:00 3rd—Unknown Commer House (Sanada Misao, Oki Hiroyuki, Maeda Shinjiro / Japan), 3rd Vol.2—2 Light House (Sanada Misao / Japan)
13:30 The Circle’s Corner (Lam Kin-hung / Hong Kong, USA), Red Flag Flies (Zhou Hong-xiang / China), Perpetual Motion (Sakhya Byamba / Mongolia)
16:00 Gina Kim’s Video Diary (Gina Kim / Korea, USA)
19:00 Chlorine Addiction, ISLANDHOPPING (Tan Kai Syng / Singapore) + Talk

* All talk shows will take place at the conclusion of the screening
* Further guests are also scheduled to appear. Stay tuned!

Documentary Dream Show: Yamagata in Tokyo 2004—Event Info

[Admission prices (applies to all venues)]
One film—advance sales 1,000 yen, same-day sales 1,300 yen
Three films—advance sales 2,700 yen, same-day sales 3,600 yen
Ten films—advance sales 8,000 yen, same-day sales 10,000 yen
Free Pass 15,000 yen (limited to 100 passes, comes with YIDFF 2003 catalog)
* Athene Francais Cultural Center members, Film School of Tokyo students: one program 800 yen (same-day sales only)
* Advance tickets are now on sale at Athene Francais Cultural Center, Ticket Pia (P code 473-378) and ticket agencies in Tokyo.
* Tickets in the three film and ten film packs may be used by filmgoers other than the purchaser. However, the Free Pass is valid for one user only.
[Presented by]
YIDFF Organizing Committee, Ace Japan, Athene Francais Cultural Center, The Film School of Tokyo, and Cinematrix
phone: 03-5362-0672 (YIDFF Tokyo Office)

For more information Athenee Francais Cultural Center website (Japanese)