2004-09-01 | Documentary Dream Show: Yamagata in Tokyo 2004—Event Info

Talk Live

Miyazawa Akio (Playwright, Author), Izuchi Kishu (Director, Scriptwriter)
[Date] September 11 (Sat) 17:15–18:45
[Venue] Japan Foundation Forum (ticket stub or admission ticket required)
* Please note that the guest lineup has changed from the information listed in the flyer.

Okinawan Dream Show Live Screening

Director Takamine Go operates the 8mm film projector and guest musicians perform Okinawan folk songs for this improvisational film screening.
[Date] October 9 (Sat) 17:30
[Venue] Athenee Francais Cultural Center

Okinawa Talks and Screenings

Asato Mari (Director) Talk + Independent Girls Hoodlums Screening
[Date] September 19 (Sun) 17:30
[Venue] The Film School of Tokyo

Moriguchi Katsu (Journalist) Talk + Screening
[Date] October 1 (Fri) 14:00
[Venue] Athenee Francais Cultural Center

Higa Toyomitsu (Cameraman) Talk + Nanamui Screening
[Date] October 1 (Fri) 16:30, 18:30
[Venue] Athenee Francais Cultural Center

Higa Toyomitsu (Cameraman) Talk + War Stories Told in Shima Kutuba Screening
[Date] October 2 (Sat) 15:00
[Venue] Athenee Francais Cultural Center

Minato Chihiro (Photographer) Talk + Chamberlain’s Zushigame Screening
[Date] October 2 (Sat) 18:00
[Venue] Athenee Francais Cultural Center

Asia Press International Talks + Screenings

Ji Dan (Filmmaker) Talk + Gongbo’s Happy Life Screening
[Date] October 4 (Mon) 18:30
[Venue] Athenee Francais Cultural Center

Nonaka Akihiro (Asia Press International Representative), Tamamoto
Eiko (Journalist) (tentative) Talk + Zarmina’s Story / The Executed Afghan Woman, Divorce Iranian Style Screening
[Date] October 5 (Tues) 18:30
[Venue] Athenee Francais Cultural Center

Nonaka Akihiro, Watai Takeharu (Journalist) Talk + Documentarist Watai Takeharu Screening
[Date] October 6 (Wed) 18:30
[Venue] Athenee Francais Cultural Center

Live Performance + Chlorine Addiction, ISLANDHOPPING Screening

Tan Kai Syng (Director) Live performance + Screening
[Date] September 26 (Sun) 19:00
[Venue] The Film School of Tokyo

Maeda Katsuhiro Tribute—Talk & Screening

Takagi Ryutaro (Producer) Talk + Polluted Japan, Free Kwangju Screening
[Date] September 30 (Thur) 18:30
[Venue] Athenee Francais Cultural Center

* There will be additional appearances by special guests. Stay tuned!
* Talks will take place following the screenings.
* There may be changes or cancellations in the program.

Documentary Dream Show: Yamagata in Tokyo 2004
Program and Schedule Finalized!

[Schedule & Venues]
Venue 1: The Japan Foundation Forum
September 8 (Wed) –15 (Wed)
Venue 2: Athenee Francais Cultural Center
September 18 (Sat) –October 11 (Mon—public holiday)
Venue 3: The Film School of Tokyo
September 19 (Sun), 23 (Thu—public holiday), 26 (Sun)
[Admission prices (applies to all venues)]
One film—advance sales 1,000 yen, same-day sales 1,300 yen
Three films—advance sales 2,700 yen, same-day sales 3,600 yen
Ten films—advance sales 8,000 yen, same-day sales 10,000 yen
Free Pass 15,000 yen (limited to 100 passes, comes with YIDFF 2003 catalog)
* Athene Francais Cultural Center members, Film School of Tokyo students: one program 800 yen (same-day sales only)
* Advance tickets are now on sale at Athene Francais Cultural Center, Ticket Pia (P code 473-378) and ticket agencies in Tokyo.
* Tickets in the three film and ten film packs may be used by filmgoers other than the purchaser. However, the Free Pass is valid for one user only.
[Presented by]
YIDFF Organizing Committee, Ace Japan, Athene Francais Cultural Center, The Film School of Tokyo, and Cinematrix
phone: 03-5362-0672 (YIDFF Tokyo Office)

Use this link for details on the screening schedule (Japanese only) Athenee Francais Cultural Center website