2013-01-19 | The Legendary Filmmaking Collective NDU and Nunokawa Tetsuro Special Catalog Now on Sale

The catalog for the special screenings of the films produced by NDU and Nunokawa Tetsuro shown at “Documentary Dream Show—Yamagata in Tokyo 2012” and “Kobe Documentary Film Festival” is now on sale. It features many photos of NDU during its peak. Aside from introduction to the works and writings by Nunokawa, the catalog also features contributions by Inoue Osamu, Ueno Koshi, Roland Domenig, Suzuki Yoshiaki, and Yasui Yoshio as well as a list of related works and bibliography. It is truly a rare, fascinating booklet and we recommend you to get it now!

The Legendary Filmmaking Collective NDU and Nunokawa Tetsuro
(Japanese and English editions available)
* The English version includes only translations of Japanese texts and does not have any photos and images. We strongly recommend you to purchase both Japanese and English editions.

Price: 1,000 yen for Japanese version / 500 yen for English one (Including tax) + Postage

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