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2015-07-13 | Hommage à Chris Marker

Retrospective screenings of French filmmaker late Chris Marker will be held at Athénée Français Cultural Center in Tokyo. 8 works including Le joli mai (Japanese subtitled version) and The Case of the Grinning Cat will be shown.

Hommage à Chris Marker

July 27 (Mon) –August 1 (Sat)
La jetée, The Kumiko Mystery, Le joli mai, Sans soleil,
A.K. (Narrated by Hasumi Shigehiko),
One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich
The Last Bolshevik
, The Case of the Grinning Cat

* There will be talk sessions every day during the screening period.
* Two lectures and a symposium will be held after the screening of The Case of the Grinning Cat on August 1.

Athénée Français Cultural Center (Tokyo)
1,500 yen per program / Members: 1,300 yen per program
6,000 yen for unlimited screening pass / Members: 5,000 yen for unlimited screening pass
* Those who are showing a book Chris Marker: yudo to toso no shineasuto: 1,300 yen
[Presented by]
Athénée Français Cultural Center, Shinwa-sha, The Film School of Tokyo
[Co-presented by]
Institut français du Japon
phone: 03-3291-4339 (Athénée Français Cultural Center)

For more information Athénée Français Cultural Center website: Hommage à Chris Marker (in Japanese)