- FRANCE / 1981 / French / Color / 35mm (Original: 16mm) / 6 min

Director: Chris Marker
Photography: Frank Simeone, John Chapman, Chris Marker
Voice: Arielle Dombasle
Music: Michel Krasna
Production Company: Argos Films
Source: Tamasa Distribution

A short film about works of art displayed in the tidelands of Emeryville, in the suburbs of San Francisco. Objects made from driftwood are shown one-after-one, juxtaposed with electronic music and radio broadcasts, achieving superb harmony with a soundtrack from the near future.


Sans soleil

- FRANCE / 1982 / Japanese / Color / 16mm / 100 min

Director, Photography, Editing: Chris Marker
Commentary: Letters from Sandor Krasna
Music: Modeste Moussorgski, Michel Krasna
Song: Arielle Dombasle
Special Effect: Yamaneko Hayao
Narration: Ikeda Riyoko
Production Company: Argos Films
Source: Athénée Français Cultural Center

A woman reads letters written by Sandor Krasna, a cameraman who travels the world. Together with her voice, we see Krasna’s images shot in “the two extreme poles of survival,” primarily Japan and Africa. Marker’s most famous work is a meditation on time and place, history and memory, and representation.



- FRANCE / 1984 / English / Color / Video (Original: 35mm) / 10 min

Directors: Chris Marker, Groupe Confédéral Audiovisuel
Photography: Robert Millie, Christian Bordes, Pascal Le Moal
Special Effect: Yamaneko Hayao, Ordinateur Sinclair
Narration: François Perier
Producer: Claude Gilaizeau
Source: ISKRA

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 1984 labor union movement, CFDT (the French Democratic Labor Alliance) requests this film be made. What has happened to the labor union movement a century later, in 2084? A robot on Galactic Television offers three hypotheses.