The Battle of Ten Million

La bataille des dix millions

- BELGIUM, FRANCE, CUBA / 1970 / French / B&W / Video (Original: 16mm) / 58 min

Directors, Script, Editing: Chris Marker, Valérie Mayoux
Image: Santiago Alvarez, ICAIC
Music: Léo Brouwer
Production Companies: K.G. Productions, SLON, RTB, ICAIC
Source: ISKRA

- In 1970, Cuba’s Commander Castro set a goal to increase the nation’s sugar cane harvest to 10 million tons, in a policy that ultimately ended in failure. This film is structured primarily from images from Santiago Álvarez’s Departure at 18:00.



Report on Paris: Words Have a Meaning

On vous parle de Paris: Maspero, les mots ont un sens

- FRANCE / 1970 / French / B&W / Video (Original: 16mm) / 19 min

Director, Photography, Editing: Chris Marker
Production Companies: SLON, SAGA
Source: ISKRA

In this film, Marker profiles François Maspero, who runs a left-wing publishing house and bookstore. Maspero’s work is to publish books written by revolutionaries from around the world, and overlaps with the mission of Marker’s SLON collective—to directly communicate the voices of people involved in political struggle.


Report on Brazil: Carlos Marighela

On vous parle du Brésil: Carlos Marighela

- FRANCE / 1970 / French / B&W / Video (Original: 16mm) / 17 min

Director, Script, Editing: Chris Marker
Production Company, Source: ISKRA

In November 1969, Carlos Marighela, the leader of the resistance movement against the Brazilian military dictatorship, was killed by a police battalion of eighty officers. Through stock press photos and images of demonstrations, as well as interviews, this film tells of the difficult situation that Brazil faced at the time, a story that could never been seen on mainstream television news.


Report on Prague: The Second Trial of Artur London

On vous parle de Prague: Le deuxième procès d’Artur London

- FRANCE / 1971 / French / B&W / Video (Original: 16mm) / 30 min

Director, Editing, Narration: Chris Marker
Photography: Pierre Dupouey
Production Companies: SLON, SAGA
Source: ISKRA

Marker took still photographs used in Costra-Gavras’s The Confession, a film based on a memorandum left behind by Artur London, who fell victim to a false-accusation plot devised by a radical Stalinist. Report on Prague was shot during the production of that film. Through interviews with the director, actors, and London himself, this film complexly interweaves cinema and reality.


The Train Rolls On

Le train en marche

- FRANCE / 1971 / French / B&W / Video / 32 min

Director, Script, Editing: Chris Marker
Photograph: Jacques Loiseleux
Narration: Francois Périer
Production Company: SLON
Source: ISKRA

- Alexander Medvedkin gets on a train and cuts across the vast landscape of the Soviet Union, filming en route and cutting and screening his work on site as the central figure in the political film movement “cine-train.” In 1971 in Paris, Marker interviews Medvedkin about this cine-train. As seen in the opening of this film, which ties together documentary images in avant-garde montage, the themes of this film are eye, hand, and train.