2018-07-13 | YIDFF 2019 Preliminary Event: “Cinema Under the Stars”

YIDFF 2019 Preliminary Event + Yamagata Film School for Citizens 2018 Part 1
Presented by YIDFF Youth

Outdoor Screening: “Cinema Under the Stars”

July 29 (Sun)  
17:00 (–18:30)
You can participate in any one of the following programs:
  • Stop-Motion Film Workshop “Let’s Make a Film with Snow Monster Jukki”
    In this workshop, participants will make animation shorts using a digital camera. Mount Zao’s local mascot Jukki (looking like a Snow Monster) will be joining the filmmaking! The completed films will be projected on an outdoor movie screen set up after dark. Children and adults alike are welcome to sign up!
  • Learn-about-the-World Workshop “If the World Were a Village of 100 People”
    Once every two years, YIDFF offers an important opportunity to learn about today’s world through the faces, emotions, and discoveries of film subjects. This workshop will also lead you through a fun journey of imagination and learning about the global now. You’ll reach a deeper understanding of the film screening Where I Go! Recommended for 5th graders and above.

Outdoor Screening
Where I Go
Dir: Neang Kavich / CAMBODIA, FRANCE / 2012 / Blu-ray / 55 min / YIDFF 2017 Cinema with Us
* Talk session with filmmaker and Chairman of the Tohoku University of Art and Design Negishi Kichitaro and YIDFF Yamagata Office Director Kusakabe Katsuyoshi will be held after the show.

* Every program will be conducted in Japanese only.
* Food truck “Nicole Diner” will stay in the venue from 17:00 pm. Enjoy the event with delicious Asian foods and drinks!
* Please bring a picnic sheet with you.

Front Garden, Bunshokan (Yamagata City)
[Presented by]
[Collaborated with]
IVY Japan, IVY Youth, Snow Monster “Jukki”
[Subsidized by]
Association for International Relations in Yamagata
phone: 023-666-4480 (YIDFF Yamagata office)


2018-08-02 | Video from Stop-Motion Film Workshop “Let’s Make a Film with Snow Monster Jukki”

We’ve uploaded video from stop-motion film workshop on July 29.

“Let’s Make a Film with Snow Monster Jukki” (MP4 format, 102MB)