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Now, Where, To?

(“Tsugi doko iku?”)

- JAPAN / 2001 / Japanese / Color, B&WVideo / 43 min

Director, Photography, Editing, Producer, Source: Shirakawa Toshihiro
E-mail: shirakawa@big-ring.net
URL: www.big-ring.net/video/

Portrays everyday life of the filmmaker’s parents living in a shipbuilding company’s apartment complex, and ruins of deserted employee apartments. A personal memorandum about history and the future. After winning the Grand Prize at the Image Forum Festival in 2002, has been acclaimed at Vancouver, Rotterdam and other international film festivals.

[Director’s Statement] A crowded apartment complex that has been abandoned for nearly thirty years now stands in ruins on a likewise-transformed island (known as “warship island”) in Nagasaki Prefecture. As someone who grew up living in apartments, this scene was strangely and yet organically familiar to me. Could this scene represent my immediate future? I made this film, I believe, in order to explore the question of where my family and I desired to go next.

- Shirakawa Toshihiro

Born in 1972 in Zentsuji, Kagawa Prefecture. Graduated from the Department of Law at Kansai University, and began to seriously focus on filmmaking from 1997. His films include -nik, which won the 2001 Personal Vision Award, and The Bridge.

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