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  • Foreign Sky

    - KOREA / 2005 / Japanese, English, Korean / Color, B&W / Video / 70 min

    Director, Script, Producer, Source: Kum Soni
    Photography: Kum Soni, Mirabelle Ang, Kim Hyun-kyung, Park Kyung-kun
    Editing: Kum Soni, Park Kyung-kun

    Kum is a third generation Korean who grew up in a Korean community in Japan. The story of the community is told by tracing her grandparents’ experiences in Japan during and after the war . . . . This history does not correspond to the official history in Japan or the US. With old and more recent footage, Kum weaves her personal diaries, letters from North Korea, and poetic images of her own into an alternate fictional narrative.

    [Director’s Statement] Memories of pain inscribed on one’s body, unless they are exposed, leave their marks on it even deeper. I have dropped the images of such memories one by one onto a film so that I could go on living. Though I no longer want to see these images, they have nonetheless helped me liberate myself further.

    - Kum Soni

    Born in Tokyo, Kum received an MFA in film and video from the California Institute of the Arts. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Tokyo University of the Arts. Her video works, installations, and performances have been presented in various spaces around the world.