Art Documentary Program

Co-presented by Tohoku University of Art and Design

The Yamagata Institute of the Arts, established by Tohoku University of Art and Design in 2011, utilizes the former residence of the Yamagata prefectural governor to carry out a variety of activities, including industrial-academic cooperation and earthquake recovery projects, that link the intellectual resources of the university and society. This program will screen films depicting artists and directors from Yamagata and artists who held exhibitions or performances in Yamagata Prefecture, to create a platform for encounters between the university and the film festival and between art and cinema.


Roundabout, Colors of Soundsteps

(Mawarimichi, ashi no neiro)

JAPAN / 2011 / Japanese / Color / Video / 98 min

Director: Oki Masaharu
Appearance: Arai Ryoji
Production Company: YIDFF, Tohoku University of Art and Design

A documentary film of an exhibition held last October at Yamagata Manabikan titled “Yamagata Journey 2010,” by illustrator and picture-book author Arai Ryoji.


Water Children (Special preview)

- THE NETHERLANDS / 2011 / Japanese, English, Dutch / Color / Video / 75 min

Director: Aliona van der Horst
Appearance: Mukaiyama Tomoko
Production Company: Zeppers Film & TV

A documentary film focusing on the production of the installation “Wasted” by pianist and artist Mukaiyama Tomoko, who resides in the Netherlands.