- TAIWAN / 2018 / Indonesian / Color / Digital File / 54 min

Director, Editing: So Yo-hen
Script: All the participants (Hendra Siswoko, Rudi Kusbianto, Mansur Setiawan, Hidayati, Laela Huriati, Dian Aprianti, Kodri Muhammad, Didi Yudha, Aulia Rachman, Apriadi, Muhammad Faisal, Aldi Rifal, Maulyan Quthbi)
Assistant Director: Tien Zong-yuan
Photography: So Yo-hen, Chen Yi-ru, Tsai Pou-ching
Sound: Tsai Pou-ching, Chen Yi-ru
Executive Producer: Jessie Shih
Executive Production: Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation
Producer: Liao Hsiu-hui
Production Company, World Sales: Your Bros. Filmmaking Group

A crude hut made from scrap materials, somewhere in Taiwan. Indonesian workers talk to each other, sitting in a circle and introducing themselves, telling of the harsh work conditions they suffer and why they ended up in this small hut. Before one story is finished, another worker arrives, and then another. Eventually the hut is filled with people, and with the sound of passing airplanes in the background, conversations swirl together with clapping, toasts, and weeping, until it all reaches a boiling point. Born from a workshop for laborers from abroad, who tell their many unique stories.

[Director’s Statement] Your Bros., is an informal filmmaking group formed by three amateurs in Taiwan. Each member comes from a different field of art: video artists, architects, art history researchers, theatre critics. We believe that immaturity is exactly our own peculiarity.

We focus on field research during the process of filmmaking, creative workshops, unforeseen circumstances, flexible scripts that can be changed in different situations.

Filmmaking as a method, re-interpret the reality, endow it with an aesthetic form, and transform into medium of thinking.

So Yo-hen

Born 1982 in Tainan, Taiwan. His work often addresses the underrepresented in society, culture, and history, and the possibilities of empowerment through whimsy. He studied at the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, TNNUA. In 2011, his works were presented at the Heard and the Unheard-Soundscape Taiwan at the Taiwan Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale. He has exhibited his work in Today of Taiwanese Art, Changwon, Korea, (2010), Plug in X Add on, the Rag Factory, London (2011); 60-Minute Cinema, Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, UK (2012); True Illusion, Illusory Truth, Taipei Fine Arts Museum (2013); inToAsia: Time-Based Art Festival, Queens Museum of Art, New York (2013); Mediacity Seoul, SeMA Biennale, Seoul Museum of Art (2014); Gestures and Archives of the Present, Genealogies of the Future, Taipei Biennial (2016); A BEAST, A GOD, AND A LINE, curated by Cosmin Costinas, Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka; Para Site, Hong Kong; TS1, Yangon; Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw.