YIDFF 2019 Interviews

International Competition

New Asian Currents

Perspectives Japan

Double Shadows 2

  • John Torres, director of People Power Bombshell [New]

Reality and Realism: Iran 60s–80s

Rustle of Spring, Whiff of Gunpowder: Documentaries from Northeast India

Cinema with Us 2019

  • Konishi Haruko, director of Fight for the Future [New]
  • Fukuhara Yusuke, director of Return to Iitate Village [New]
  • Komori Haruka, Seo Natsumi, directors of Double Layered Town / Making a Song to Replace Our Positions [New]
  • Tsai Yi-feng, director of Somewhere over the Namasia [New]
  • Mayaw Biho, director of Kanakanavu Await [New]
  • Hsu Hui-ju, director of Twelve Stories About the Flood, Out of Place [New]
  • Huang Shu-mei, director of Formosa Dream, Disrupted, A Letter to Future Children, Coming Home [New]

YIDFF Network Special Screenings

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