Other Screenings

2016-10-20 | The 3rd Yamagata Film School for Citizens: Yamagata Renaissance with Film

November 19 (Sat)
13:00, 15:00 (screens twice)
Yamagata imono (Yamagata Traditional Casting)
Dir: Watanabae Satoshi / JAPAN / 2016 / Blu-ray / 24 min
Yamagata uchihamono (Yamagata Traditional Blades)
Dir: Sato Koichi / JAPAN / 2016 / Blu-ray / 22 min
Round-table Discussion on UNESCO Creative City Network of Film
Facilitator: Prof. Kato Itaru (Department of Film and Media, Tohoku University of Art and Design)

Seifuso (Yamagata City)
[Presented by]
Yamagata City, Yamagata Creative City Promotion Council
phone: 023-641-1212 (Ext.: 638, 639) (Culture Promotion Division, Planning & Coordination Department, City of Yamagata)