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2016-10-20 | YAMAGATA Network Kansai: Special Screening

YAMAGATA Network Kansai is a volunteer association for sharing a moving experience in YIDFF with Kansai residents and increasing YIDFF fans in the region.

November 5 (Sat)  10:30, 14:00 (screens twice)
The Other Day
Dir: Ignacio Agüero / CHILE / 2012 / Blu-ray / 122 min / YIDFF 2013 International Competition Award of Excellence

Visual Arts Collage Osaka 6F Preview Room (Osaka City)
1,000 yen
* 30 seats:advance reservation is required. Please contact at: Mobile (Mr.Kurata): +81-(0)90-1480-2522
[Presented by]
YAMAGATA Network Kansai