Japanese Panorama

Takashi and His Friends

(“Takashi to sono nakama tachi”)
- JAPAN / 1999 / Japanese, Sign language / Color / Video / 31 min

Director: Kihara Daigo
Photography: Ito Koji, Tamura Yasuko
Editing: Kihara Daigo, Tamura Yasuko, Sasazaki Takashi
Music: Jazz pal
Producer: Yoshida Takeaki
Production Company, Source: Niigata Filmmaking Association
Asuka Bldg. 1fl., 2-3-2 Hanazono, Niigata, Niigata 950-0086 JAPAN
Phone & Fax: 81-25-248-9088
E-mail: mail@n-eigajyuku.com URL: www.n-eigajyuku.com

A video filmed one summer day at the “Asahi Community Factory” where workers with hearing and multiple impairments are employed. The filmmaker also is physically disabled. The Sign Language interview with the hearing- and speechimpaired instructor is especially interesting.

[Director’s Statement] With the camera, I most wanted to show the scene of one of the workers drawing. When he was concentrating on drawing, it seemed like he was making some sort of appeal. Another important scene is where the instructor patiently teaches the workers over and over how to crush a can.


- Kihara Daigo

Born in 1973. Appeared in Tezuka Makoto’s HaKuchi: The innocent (1999). Graduated from Niigata Filmmaking Association in the same year. Takashi and His Friends is his graduation project. Also directed the video Jump Out: Victory through Mischievous Games (2000).

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