A Reunion of Taiwan and Japanese Filmmakers: 12 Years Later
  • Mickey Chen
  • Hsiao Chu-chen
  • Lo Shin-chieh
    Wang Hsiu-ling
  • Wu Yao-tung
  • Yang Li-zhou
  • Kobayashi Shigeru
  • Matsue Tetsuaki
  • Tsuchiya Yutaka
  • Terashima Mari
  • Wu Yii-feng
  • Tsuchiya Yutaka
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    Born in 1966. In addition to film, works in media activism through ventures such as the independent video distribution project VIDEO ACT! Currently preparing for the production of a new feature-length theatrical film, titled humanity+.

    The New God

    (Atarashii kamisama)

    - JAPAN / 1999 / Japanese / Color / DVCAM / 99 min

    Director, Script, Sound, Editing: Tsuchiya Yutaka
    Photography, Narration: Amamiya Karin, Ito Hidehito, Tsuchiya Yutaka
    Music: Kato Takeshi (Rebel Blue)
    Production Company, Source: W-TV OFFICE

    Now an established writer and activist, Amamiya Karin appears in this film from 12 years ago as a right-wing punk singer who is approached by anti-emperor left-wing filmmaker Tsuchiya Yutaka to make a film. The two deepen their relationship through differences and harmony. Karin’s video diaries shot in Iraq and North Korea reveal an ordinary young Japanese searching for an anchor in life. This film won a FIPRESCI Special Mention at YIDFF 1999.


    (Yuheisha tachi)

    - JAPAN / 2007 / Japanese / Color / Blu-ray (SD) / 83 min

    Director: Tsuchiya Yutaka
    Photography: Tsuchiya Yutaka, Eda Tsuyoshi, Ninomiya Masaki
    Producer: Koshikawa Michio
    In cooperation with: “Prisoners” Production Committee
    Production Company, World Sales: Slow Learner

    Once known as the flag bearer of underground films, Adachi Masao flew to Palestine and joined the Japanese Red Army. This is a making-of doco of Prisoner/Terrorist, Adachi’s comeback film after 35 years. Through footage from the studio and interviews with the director and his exceptional ensemble cast, Tsuchiya contemplates how a film about a terrorist from the 1970s can reflect on the sense of stifling that young people suffer from in 21th-century Japan.