A Reunion of Taiwan and Japanese Filmmakers: 12 Years Later
  • Mickey Chen
  • Hsiao Chu-chen
  • Lo Shin-chieh
    Wang Hsiu-ling
  • Wu Yao-tung
  • Yang Li-zhou
  • Kobayashi Shigeru
  • Matsue Tetsuaki
  • Tsuchiya Yutaka
  • Terashima Mari
  • Wu Yii-feng
  • Terashima Mari
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    Has used images to construct worlds of inimitable fantasy since the mid-1980s. In 1991, her 8mm work Midorimushi won the Grand Prize in the Applicant Film Program at the Image Forum Festival. Anticipated the boom in Gothic Lolita aesthetics and works at its frontier.

    Princess Plum P-udding


    - JAPAN / 1999 / Japanese/ Color / DVD / 35 min

    Director, Script, Photography, Sound, Editing: Terashima Mari
    Additional filming: Abe Yukiko
    Sound effects: Kizu Yuji
    Narration: Konno Yukari
    Producer, Source: Terashima Mari

    19th-century photographs of “grotesque” bodies and the physique of voluptuous Sayomi who lives in Mickey Mouse land are interlaced. The filmmaker hands Sayomi the video camera to reflect back the gaze of the viewer, dresses her up, and asks her to perform. Her extraordinary presence melts away all preconceptions about discrimination. link YIDFF ’99 Official Catalog

    Dark Märchen Show!!

    (Alice ga ochita ana no naka—Dark Märchen Show!!)

    - JAPAN / 2009 / Japanese / Color / Blu-ray (SD) / 58 min

    Director, Script, Editing: Terashima Mari
    Photography: Kurihara Mie, Terashima Mari
    Doll Design: Shimizu Mari
    Music: Watahiki Kotaro
    Executive Producer: Echigoya Takashi
    Production: Aichi Arts Center
    Source: Terashima Mari

    Alice chased the white rabbit into a hole and fell into the underworld. There, awaiting her, was a strange land where it was forever 3 pm. Princess Rose and Prince Giggles live there with their servants.