- JAPAN / 2013 / Japanese / Color / DV / 20 min

Director, Photography, Editing: Oki Hiroyuki
Producers: Nagao Kunika (ART GARDEN), Koguchi Noriko, SPI

SSS is an art project, an ongoing process of shooting, editing, and presentation that has continued since 2000, which takes organizational form in step with inspiration. It is based on a novel set in Okayama and Arizona titled S, H, E,—first published in the Japanese monthly magazine Barazoku in 2000. This film focuses on a shoot that took place in Egypt in December 2012, asking what kinds of connections SSS and the Arab Spring share, or don’t share, searching for these connections until the very end.

-[Director’s Statement] —On July 3, 2013 the Egyptian Minister of Defense Al-Sisi gave an address on state-owned television, criticizing the Morsi administration. He announced that the constitution had been suspended and Morsi had been stripped of all his authority.

“Ryu’s robust penis slipped right into Shin’s anus.”

—Human rights organization indicates chemical weapons of Soviet origin (Kochi Shimbun 9/13/2013)

“Ah, is everyone asleep already? You and I should sleep too.”

—On the 11th, the Washington Post (e-edition) reported that the CIA had begun supplying weapons to anti-government forces in Syria.

“A section of the shoot in fragments, directly above the Seiki bridge. A cell phone in use as they cross (serve to bridge) in this series, the Dimension Lovers stand on tiptoe, Nami and Takashi are finally on the stage of dancing, sex . . .”

«images—the coexistence of heterogeneous things—fascism—giant information capital—spiritual / religion, particles of time»

While we cannot understand the connections individuals share (with other individuals, society), which rarely appear on the surface of our contemporary globalized world, for a moment these connections are laid bare in the light, in a stream of images.

- Oki Hiroyuki

Born 1964 in Tokyo. Based in Kochi Prefecture. Graduated from the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo. He has released over 100 films and other works to date. Oki has produced many installations and performances in art spaces, and has worked as a DJ many times. In August 2013 at the Kochi Museum of Art, he produced and appeared in the ballet The Rite After 100 Years, a connected work to the visual project M·I. Oki has screened many films at YIDFF, including 3+1 (1997), which featured in the International Competition at YIDFF ’97. He also served as the jury for New Asian Currents at YIDFF 2009.