Yamagata and Film


Takahashi Takuya, the former YIDFF Yamagata Office Director who served for 10 years and who was an active producer of films made in Yamagata, passed away suddenly last October at the age of 66. YIDFF pays tribute by screening documentaries and the first fiction film he organized with production committees involving ordinary Yamagata citizens. Warabi no ko, shot on location in Yamagata, is also a memorial to the director Onchi Hideo who departed last year, who had served on the Director Guild of Japan Award jury at YIDFF 2009. Yuki no shi is a film shot entirely on location in Hijiori Onsen in Yamagata, recently discovered after 47 years.

Warabi no ko  Dir: Onchi Hideo / Producer, Screening support: Takahashi Takuya / JAPAN / 2003 / 125 min
A Voiceless Cry  Dir: Haramura Masaki / Producer: Takahashi Takuya (plus 6 co-producers) / JAPAN / 2015 / 122 min
Rising Sun, Why So Red—70 Years After the War: A Farmer Poet’s Journey  Dir: Ito Kiyotaka, Yamagata Broadcasting Company / JAPAN / 2015 / 50 min
Yuki no shi  Dir: Hatano Katsuhiko / Screening support: Documentary Dream Center / JAPAN / 1976 / 80 min