October 6–13

YIDFF ’97 Programs

Official Catalog

--YIDFF ’97 Award Recipients

Prizes for the International Competition
The Robert and Frances Flaherty Prize (The Grand Prize):
Fragments Jerusalem  Dir: Ron Havilio / ISRAEL

The Mayor’s Prize (Prize of Excellence):
Africas: How Are You Doing with the Pain?  Dir: Raymond Depardon / FRANCE

Runner-up Prize:
Paper Heads  Dir: Dušan Hanák / SLOVAKIA
Tu as crié LET ME GO  Dir: Anne-Claire Poirie / CANADA

Special Prize:
La Comédie-Française ou l’amour joué  Dir: Frederick Wiseman / FRANCE

New Asian Currents Awards
Ogawa Shinsuke Prize:
Out of Phoenix Bridge  Dir: Li Hong / CHINA

Awards of Excellence:
Paradise  Dir: Sergey Dvortsevoy / KAZAKHSTAN, RUSSIA
Work and Work  Dir: Fuad Afravi / IRAN

Special Mentions:
A Port in Vain  Dir: Yamazaki Mikio / JAPAN
Devil Bridge  Dir: Temirbek Birnazarov / KYRGYZ

Citizens’ Prize
Private Wars  Dir: Nick Deocampo / PHILIPPINES

Homesick Eyes  Dir: Hsu Hsiao-ming / TAIWAN

Special Mention:
London Brief  Dir: Jon Jost / USA

“We Love Cinema” Awards
Out of Phoenix Bridge  Dir: Li Hong / CHINA
Neon Goddesses  Dir: Yu Lik-wai / BELGIUM, HONG KONG

--YIDFF ’97 Facts and Figures

Total Films Shown: 187
Attendance: 22,875