A Season Outside
INDIA / 1997 / English / Color / Video / 30 min

Director, Script, Narration:
Amar Kanwar
Photography: Dilip Varma
Sound: Uma Shankar
Editing: Sameera Jain
Music: Susmit Sen
Producer: Rajiv Mehrotra
Production Source: Foundation for Universal Responsibility
UGF, Zonega, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
110 003 INDIA
Phone: 91-11-464-8450 / Fax: 91-11-464-8451
E-mail: furhhdl@nda.vsnl.net.in

Amar Kanwar

Kanwar is an independent documentary filmmaker working from New Delhi, India for the last ten years. He has directed several documentaries for broadcast in this period and has worked on issues of health, ecology, labor, politics, and education.
His film A Season Outside was recently awarded the Golden Gate Award at the 1999 San Francisco International Film Festival and the Golden Conch at the Mumbai International Documentary Film Festival. He is also a recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship for 1998 and is using the fellowship to support his current work, a film about masculinity and sexuality.

Striking symbolic images punctuate this travelogue of the mind's journey through geographic and historic India. The filmmaker explores the idea of non-violence: How can it prevail, in the face of history's atrocities? Through memories of India and Pakistan's partition in 1947, a trauma and heartache for many families in the subcontinent, through government inquiries into Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence, through legends of 16th century Mughal attacks, and through records of the aggression against Tibetan monks and families. This visual essay searches for a wisdom to transform conflict through a process of humanization
Director's Statement

There is, perhaps, no border outpost in the world quite like Wagah, where this film begins its exploration of conflict, violence and non violence. An outpost where everyday, divided people are drawn to a thin white line. In this sense and for this reason this is a very Indian film, whose nuances and symbolism Pakistanis will certainly understand, those who remember Checkpoint Charlie might be able to relate too, and probably anyone in the eye of a conflict may find themselves here.
A Season Outside is a personal and philosophical journey through the shadows of past generations, conflicting positions, borders and time zones - a nomad wandering through lines of separation, examining the scars of violence.
The documentary is in the form of an analytical essay about the ambivalent dimensions of conflict, with many characters but without interviews it embarks, with the viewer, upon a search that could prefigure peace of a different kind. The film is being screened and used by groups and individuals working on issues of violence (personal or political), conflict and non violence.

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